Welcome at TUHH!

Welcome at the “Department for Management Sciences and Technology’s” (MWT) website! The MWT is the youngest TUHH department and was founded in 2007. By founding six new institutes TUHH thus increased its competency on the field of management sciences.

MWT department offers four different bachelor and master study programs and is involved in many other TUHH department’s study programs. Today’s MTW department’s structure includes the “classical” business administration subjects such as strategy, HR and marketing. We also have expertise in adjacent disciplines like entrepreneurship, innovation, logistics, and mobility. All MWT institutes are closely linked to each other and linked to several TUHH institutes, as well. This website shall provide an overview over the diverse activities of the MWT institutes. For questions please refer to us or our colleagues.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wrona (Dean)

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Wrona




    „Studing at TUHH was an unforgettable memory for me! The professors were experienced, patient and friendly. Everything at TUHH impressed me, the great classmates, the modern buildings, or even delicious food in mensa! I love TUHH, I love Hamburg – I found a new life style there.“
    – Wang Zhuowei, exchange student from Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Management, China

    „My semester here in Hamburg was unique and unforgettable. The Erasmus Student Network’s students make sure you have fun during your semester, the professors at the University are excellent, the infrastructure is modern and it is located on one of the most beautiful and biggest cities in Germany, so there’s always something new to do.”
    – Karina Salinas, exchange student from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico

    “Pursuing a master degree at TUHH has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. At TUHH, I didn‘t only experience a very strong academic atmosphere of a technical university but also a great international environment where I met people from all over the world.”
    – Nga Tran, graduate student in Information and Communication Systems, Vietnam

    „Studying at TUHH is a fabulous experience. You can always find a place to study, and the teachers are so kind and helpful.“
    – Xiaori, exchange student from Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Management, China

    On this website we provide information for Incomings studying at MWT-Department. You will find the procedure necessary to apply at TUHH and information about course choice and grading system.

    For further information visit the website of TUHH International Office